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PostSubject: The Who...   The Who... I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 28, 2011 6:43 pm

The Who
i love the who.

they were my first band and remain my favourite.

i got into the Who and Frank Zappa at the same time and they are both my favourite artists/bands.

i dont have a favourite album because they are all so good, heres what i think of some of their albums.:

My Generation: Epitomises the early who. Moons drumming on this is amazing as is the scope of Daltreys singing from La La La Lies to Out in the Street and the B-side Bald Headed Woman. This was the first ever punk album.

Sell Out: a true masterpeice. sooo under-rated its not funny. Why half the songs on this album werent number one hits I dont know. Great songs, all which have meaning and tell stories and most of the bonus tracks on the CD should have been released on a different album cause they are genius

Tommy: Beautiful. The scope of Townshends songwriting is amazing. from soft pop, to orchestral like inspirational music to hard rock. This album has got it all.

Who's Next: Perfection. When i wake up and im tired, i listen to this and it wakes me up and opens my mind. So many great songs, Baba, Bargain, Love aint for keeping, My Wife, The Song is over Going Mobile, Getting In Tune, Behind Blue Eyes, Wont Get Fooled Again thats practically the whole album but it is so good. also Naked Eye and Water are great

Quadrophenia: This album is great. Probably my favourite rock opera, i really connected with this. this is one of the few albums that really has a place in my heart. it is a brilliant album.

The Who By Numbers: This album is often dismissed as being a suicide note and rubbish and all thatt but really its quite good. It has real poetry in it and really makes you think.

so, anybody else like the Who?

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The Who...
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